Baby Socks

These are the new socks that I knitted for Galen.

It’s the ‘two tone sock’ pattern from Debbie Bliss’s ‘Simple Baby: 20 Adorable Knits for Baby’s First Two Years”, which I happen to have out from the library right now.

I love this book! All of the patterns really are adorable. There are at least half a dozen things that I want to make from it. If I had a baby girl to knit for I think I would probably be trying to knit every pattern in the book! Alright that’s not entirely true. I really dislike the baby blanket with the pictures on it and I’m not entirely sold on the ‘pompon beret’. Otherwise all of the patterns are classic with simple graceful styling, just what I look for. There is an emphasis on soft yarns and comfort. All the babies look cozy not dressed up like clowns. Sometimes I look at some of the patterns out there and I wonder what the heck the designers were thinking?? I feel embarrassed for the babies that will be forced to wear some of those goofy looking things! Not the case with the knits in this book. I also love the pairing of hand knits with the vintage inspired fabrics through out the book.

I had to adjust the pattern to suit the yarn and needle sizes that I had available, but I’m pleased with how they turned out. I used color-grown organic cream and sage green cotton yarns. I strayed from that pattern a bit again in making them longer to cover more of baby’s legs. I’m currently working on the reverse pair now (green with white contrast) in a shorter version.


3 thoughts on “Baby Socks

  1. Megh

    I just wanted to tell you that I have hat book and tried the beret and it was actually really cute! I knitted it in all one color, and it was quick–the first hat I ever knit on straight needles. Also, as the baby grows, the hat looks more like a little beanie. I knitted one of the socks you did- yep, just one, lol! It didn’t look as nice as yours though. Good job! I really enjoy your blog! Megh

  2. Melody

    Thank you for the lovely complements!

    I bet your sock is adorable. Maybe you can use it as a mini Christmas stocking or something! ;)

    Well, that’s why I said I wasn’t totally sold on it. I don’t hate it, I’m just not sure that I really like it either. Honestly, I think it’s the pompon part, I’m just not terribly keen on them…not sure why… Without it I bet I’d find it really cute.

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