We had a long weekend….

Sadly, I don’t mean that in the good sense. Everything is broken, everything gone wrong. Honestly, I think I’m still to sad to talk about the worse of it, the problems that we are having with the house…

At least the computer is working again. Our external hard drive died suddenly, leaving me without access to my photos. All words and no pictures, does a very boring blog make. Thank goodness that we have them all backed up on the computer at the old house! I would be completely distraught if we had lost all of the Elijah and Galen’s baby pictures…

We got our first real snow this weekend. We’ve had the strangest weather this year. Normally we’ve had lots of snow by now.

The boys were feeling a lot better, but not quite well enough yet that I wanted them out rolling around in the fresh snow. This particular decision did not win me favor in their eyes. I tried to keep everyone busy and content as best as I could. I think everyone was feeling pretty tense by Sunday night, despite my best efforts.

We spent Saturday making Valentine’s day decorations. We made a great many pink and red hearts decorated with glitter and layers of paper. We made a mobile of them and strung it above the table with red ribbon. There is a garland of them over the window as well.

After the hearts we dipped candles…my delayed attempt at an Imbolc celebration. We used pure beeswax and organic cotton yarn. I made a little candle for Galen’s birthday cake, then a set of five for Elijah’s. Iain made a huge candle. We had to smash the still warm bottom flat so that it would stand. There was no way that one was going to fit in a candle holder! It ended up looking like a wizard’s hat. Several other bumpy and lumpy regular sized candles were produced. As they were coming out from being dipped I had an urge to work the warm wax. Several pregnant goddess style belly bumps naturally appeared, begging for me to shape them. But there was just too much going on…perhaps some other time.

I think I have enough beeswax left to make a nice batch of salve.


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