Gearing up for the pox….

For the better part of the week now I’ve been trying to post pictures of various projects from the last couple of months. However, our computer has some sort of strange virus that’s making posting pictures impossible. So, I suppose it will just have to wait until Steve figures out how/has the time to fix it! (If we wait until *I* figure out how to fix it, there will never again be another picture posted on this site…guaranteed!)

Meanwhile we are keeping busy. The kids were exposed to chicken pox two weeks ago, yesterday. The incubation period is 10-21 days, but usually just about 2 weeks. Yesterday, all three boys started with some mild cold-like symptoms. No one has any spots yet, so I can’t be sure this is “it”, but it seems like it might be headed that way.

One of the hardest things about caring for a bunch of sick little people is still finding the time to make nourishing things for them, and at the very time that they need them the most! Since I had a bit of advanced notice this time, I decided to use it to my advantage. Two days ago, I made a large batch of chicken broth infused with healing herbs. Now I have a huge crockpot set on “warm” and full of good chicken soup, with rice noodles and lots of veggies (both sea and land). This morning a made a double batch of kale crisps. I had planned on having them around for snacking when needed too, but they barely made it to the table! Who would of thought that two bunches of kale could go so fast?? Elijah has been trying to convince me to go make more ever since! I have a huge jar of nettles infusion that’s just about ready to be strained. If everyone is still feeling alright this afternoon I’m going to take the time to make so more extras to have around. I’m thinking I’ll probably start some black beans and squash in my other crockpot. Maybe I’ll make a nice rose hips lemonade while I’m at it.

Yesterday, Steve went to the herb store and gathered me up a long list of herbs. After our school work is done for the day we are going to mix up some lovely tea blends and hopefully make a couple of different sorts of healing salves.

Sadly, Steve was unable to track down any plantain (why, oh why did I not take the time to dry some myself this year??? You can be certain I won’t make that mistake again next year!) or homeopathic varicellinum. The two things that I would probably most like to have on hand. Still, all in all I think we are pretty well set. Bring it on!


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