Christmas pajamas….

We have a tradition in our family of giving the children one present to open on Christmas Eve, a set of pajamas to wear to bed that night. For the rest of the year, and well as long after that as they fit, they call them Christmas pajamas. I also try to include something a little bit fun. Some years it’s matching doll clothes. This year I decided to knit them each elf hats. The big boys have bells on the end of their hats that jingle when they dance around. I thought that might be a choking hazard for the littlest one, so his simply has a tassel. Honestly his was supposed to have a nice crocheted red trim and a button on neck tie, but I ran out of time! This hat will fit him for quite a long time to come though (It fits me!). The hat is kind of a one-size fits all, that looks a different style on each size head. So I at some point I’ll have to be sure to finish it up properly.

The pajamas are made of a lovely organic color-grown sage jersey (what a find!) with a natural organic ribbing. Iain and Elijah are wearing simple long-johns. For Galen I made a gown with a pair of loose fitting pants underneath.


3 thoughts on “Christmas pajamas….

  1. Claire

    You area very talented seamstriss, I mean those PJ’s are lovely! Did you follow one of those cut out patterns? Or are you famuiliar enough to just get a feel for sizing etc? You have inspired me to attempt some (I think!). I need to find a pattern and check out material but I was going to order more PJ’s so making them might be cheaper. And satisfying :)

  2. Melody

    I am not a very talented seamstress, you just can’t see the details in a picture! lol The long-johns and the baby’s gown are both Kwik Sew patterns. I modified the gown a tiny bit, but that’s all. The baby’s pants were another super easy pattern. I LOVE Kwik Sew patterns. They are a bit more expensive then other patterns, but totally worth it IMO. I’ll buy one pattern that has sizes that will fit the kids for a long time to come and then transfer their current sizes onto tracing paper. I really get my money’s worth that way. I have one basic shirt pattern from them that I’ve probably made 6 or 7 shirts from (using all different kinds of materials) already and there are still 3 more sizes that they haven’t grown into left. They are also really easy, so I can whip them up in no time.

    I started doing a lot more sewing in recent years because of wanting to buy organic. I found that I could get large amounts of organic fabric at a good price through co-ops and things. Stores were charging like 10 times more for clothes made of the same exact fabric. Making my own allows me to dress the kids in organics most of the time.

  3. Melody

    I looked it up and the pattern for the long johns is # 3234. My favorite quick, easy shirt pattern is 3366. It works for sweatshirts and long-sleeved tee-shirts.

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