We went to the Nutcracker last night…

It was a big, big deal. This is the first time that we’ve been out in public to that degree in over two years. I’m very happy to say that we did alright. I had to wear a mask through much of the performance due to the woman sitting behind me that must have literally bathed in vanilla perfume. Honestly, I thought she was spraying every couple of minutes it was so strong. I wouldn’t have made it without the mask, but I did okay. I was even able to keep the mask off when we were in the lobby and such. The boys had some minor reactions, but considering the amount they were exposed to, that’s pretty darn good! This is so exciting it’s really proof that we are doing so much better. We can start trying to go out places some again. I’m hoping that maybe in another year or two I’ll be well enough to go home and see my family.

The show was alright. A little disappointing honestly. I’ve seen better productions. The whole party scene was poorly done in my opinion. Iain was very disappointed by the lack of battle between the mice and the nutcracker. The second act was much better though. The snowflakes and the various international treat dancers were very talented.

We were a bit worried about how the little ones would do sitting still for such a long time. As it turns out it was Steve and Iain that had trouble staying in their seats!

Steve is feeling very poorly still. He has yet another infection in his mouth, along with sores on the inside of his mouth and adverse reactions to his pain medicine. He hasn’t been sleeping well and was feeling kind of crowded and closed in. He did alright, but I don’t think he had a very pleasant evening.

Iain kept popping up to get a closer look at the stage. He wanted to ask me about everything he saw. His favorite part was the peppy “china tea”. He said he also liked the snowflakes (he had been worked up for a while in advance by the possibility of seeing it snow inside!).

Elijah sat enraptured, and wide eyed, quietly taking in the whole thing. Afterwards he dances all the way back to the car! He’s such a beautiful little guy… First thing this morning he asked me to play The Nutcracker CD.

Our seats were up on the first mezzanine and I spent the better part of the first act trying to keep Galen from pulling himself over the railing! He held onto the railing leaning forward and watched the show for quite a long time. He nursed to sleep after intermission.

We were lucky that this year they had an orchestra. I’m told that last year they didn’t. The boys have been learning about various instruments and they were really excited by being able to get a glimpse into the pit.


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