Steve made, it home alright…

He stopped at the post office and the library to pick up the mail and some books! (Can you see me shaking my head??) He’s really uncomfortable, but in a fairly good mood considering.

I managed to get everyone fed. Nothing fancy, just some squash, chicken and cabbage. It was simple and comforting.

I got the kids to bed at a reasonable time. Galen is up again because after this morning I’m afraid to leave him in the bed alone. With installing the floor the bed is currently at the top of the stairs and the gate is pinned against the wall and can’t be closed. I keep running up and down the stairs to check and make sure that no one is on the edge of the bed and about to fall off. When Galen woke up I brought him downstairs instead of nursing him back to sleep. I just couldn’t take the stress. The older boys at least know to be careful up there and don’t tend to get up so much during the night. I’ll be so happy when this floor is done and we can put everything back where it belongs.

I’m not all shaky anymore. Some food and rest helped. I’m still tired and have a nasty sore throat, but I’ll live. I’m going to try to get some more work done on presents tonight, but I’m not planning on staying up as late as usual.


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