Baby’s first Christmas…

I’m such a sucker, can’t seem to avoid being totally sentimental… We’re coming up on our precious babe’s very first Solstice and Christmas celebrations. I can’t help but want to make everything just perfect for him. Truth be told I feel this way every year. “Oh but Christmas is so special when you are two”, “Six is such a magical age to be celebrating the Solstice”, etc. Childhood is so short! It should be special, beautiful, and magical! It seems like there is no time when that is more possible then in the month of December….

So even though I have about eight million other things to do, I felt like I still wanted to make a special outfit for Galen to wear this holiday season. To my credit I also wanted to knit sweaters for the bigger boys, but I know that’s a pipe dream and I’m not even thinking about trying at this point. I’m designing Galen’s outfit myself and so far I think it’s turning out alright. It’s a one-piece knitted romper. It’s green and red stripes with moss stitch trim on the cuffs and the bodice (I know this isn’t quite the right word, as the bodice is the upper part of a dress, but what does one call the upper part of something like this?? I know there must be a word I just can’t think of it right now). I wanted to do kind of a peter pan collar on it, but I’m not entirely certain how to do that and since I’m running low on time I can’t really experiment with it. I think I’ll keep it sweet and simple with just a bit of contrast crochet trim instead.


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