thoughts on marriage

Galen: I don’t ever want to get married.

Me: No?

Galen: No, I want to live here with you and Daddy forever.

Me: What about you Elijah?  Are you going to get married?

Elijah: I’d rather have a horse.  It’s hard to pay for a horse when you have a billion children.

Me: We don’t have a billion children.

Elijah: Fine, it’s hard to pay for a horse when you have four children.

Me: I never said anything about having children.

Elijah: Still, it would just take time away from being with my horse.

Màiri Rose: Mommy, will you marry me?

My odds at grandchildren are not looking good at the moment.


6 thoughts on “thoughts on marriage

  1. Melody Post author

    This is true. He wasn’t home at the time. I’ll have to see what he has to say for himself tomorrow.

  2. Taisa

    Ha! So funny. Dori talks about finding his “love” a lot. He has quite specific ideas about this love. Someone who builds houses and wears dresses with flowers on them. No word on the children yet.

  3. Melody Post author

    Dori vision of his “love” is adorable!

    For those who are keeping score, Iain’s response was, “eh” and a shrug!

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