stolen moments

Things are busy here.  So gloriously, nerve wrackingly, abundantly full.  My health is improving.  The weather is starting to turn.  We are so close to so many big and exciting things…the official start of baseball season (just as soon as the snow melts off the field!), two dance recitals, our yearly camping trip, our wedding, a private little trip for just Steve and I, an 11th birthday to celebrate…  My to-do list.  Ha! It’s a bit of a joke, with “need to do” and “want to do” blurring and running on into infinity.  In between the great big projects, I try sneak in little projects or tiny bite sized pieces of medium projects.  This bow tie (pattern: Sunday Best Bow Tie by Crab Apple Attic) was cut and pinned late one night, while talking on the phone with a friend, and quickly sewn up another morning, just before breakfast.  Ultimately I’m hoping he won’t be wearing it with a pajama shirt.  I guess it all depends on whether or not I get around to making the rest of his outfit!


2 thoughts on “stolen moments

  1. Melody Post author

    He really, really is. We were just at a dance rehearsal the other night and watching his very earnest concentration as he was twirling all the girls…oh, it was just darling!

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