easter treats

I went simple, simple, simple this year.  I didn’t make anything or gather up a bunch of little personalized gifts.  Just a collection of lots and lots of snack-ish things to bridge the gap between brunch and dinner.  And a balsa wood airplane as a little something to play with.  Simple and sweet.  There were dried bananas, mango and apples; beet chips, yam chips and a handful of organic jelly beans each.  I made a batch of Paleo Marzipan and one night after the kids were in bed, Steve and I made some little things from it; nests with eggs, little ducks, carrots, chocolate chip “cookies”.  I used to always put seeds in their baskets, my my Mother-in-law now sends them a big envelope full of seeds as an Easter gift, so that’s already taken care of.  I used to do books, but we have so many books already and with the fabulous inter-library loan system, access to just about anything we might want.  Art supplies, musical instruments, little home-made fairies and elves and things…really we’re good at the moment.  We have all we need.  Simple is better.


2 thoughts on “easter treats

  1. Alexa

    I love this idea, so simple and healthy – I am totally going to do something like this for my kids next year – now, if only I can talk their Aunt out of getting them the two foot high chocolate bunny . . . . :-)

  2. Melody Post author

    That could be a tough one! Maybe she would like to pick out some seeds for the garden too?

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