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  1. Carol Urban

    Melody, how are you feeling these days? I know you wrote about how ill you had been and the photos show you looking very well, slim and trim.

  2. Melody Post author

    Hmm…I appreciate being thought of, but I never quite know how to answer that one. Better then I was, but not back to normal again. I got better and then I got worse again. Started doing better again and then developed an infection. Managed to fight that most of the way off and then had a bad reaction to a medication that made my blood pressure drop dangerously low. And so forth. I’m doing pretty well this week, which is encouraging, but in no way means that I won’t wake up tomorrow and be a mess again. I will take every bit of wellness I can get and use it to it’s fullest! The back and forth bit is very hard for other people to understand. Someone will ask how I’m doing and I’ll tell them that I’m feeling well that day then a week later when they find out I’m quite ill again, they don’t get it. I have no good explanation except that I have something like 10 different diagnosis at this point and something or other is bound to act up, especially when things have been out of balance with my body for so long.

    I’d imagine I do look slimmer. I lost some weight when I was really sick. Fit I am decidedly not! After so much bed rest I get tired very quickly. It’s frustrating, as I really like best to be active, but when I remind myself of how bad things were a couple months ago it helps me to stay grateful and be patient. So, that is the very long answer to that.

    As to what all this craziness is about….there will be an explanatory post coming soon, I promise!

  3. Carol Urban

    I understand what you’re saying. When I was going through cancer treatment people would ask me all the time how I was doing. There were good days and bad days. Even still, most days I slept through the entire day. I’m glad you’re having good days and hope that sometime soon doctors can come up with an answer and a remedy or at least a game plan to get through the days.

  4. Rose

    Okay, then a follow up post is definitely required since there must be a fantastic reason you allowed your husband to live out his duct tape fantasies on his wife, photograph the results and then cut the whole masterpiece up! :) Not to mention the time you spent housed in the creation, and with mostly a smile too ;)

  5. Melody Post author

    It’s worse still then all of that I’m afraid…in fact, I *asked* him to do it.

  6. Carol Urban

    Oh, I’m laughing right now after reading the comment about the Sharpie pen! HA HA HA!!!

    Yes, I definitely feel “back to normal.” It’s been three years since I finished chemo. Some days I still need a nap in the afternoon but that may have something to do with me staying up till wee hours of the morning scavenging eBay for vintage patterns and looking at fabric. giggle

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