Making Merry

1 & 2 There are paper snowflakes everywhere

3 why yes, that is a horseflake

4 & 5 gift making

6 & 7 and wrapping

8 late night knitting with coconut sugar cookies

9 sending off their first order

10 the kids had stamps out while I was addressing Christmas cards so I added some sweet little blue birds to the back of the envelopes

11 & 12 Golden Goose and Fairy trees seen while out and about.

13 nut butter caramel and red raspberry leaf and nettle chai

14 dreidel

15 late night knitting with orange

16 nativity by Iain

17 the enchanting Winter in White by Robert Sabuda

18 making music (why yes, those are more snowflakes on the floor behind him)

19 Crafts Through the Year

20 & 21 we made Swedish straw stars

22 & 23 while she made an empty yarn cone into a Christmas tree

24 We made a whole mobile of ballerina snowflakes.  They twirl and drift about gracefully and it’s like just before intermission at the Nutcracker. template here


10 thoughts on “Making Merry

  1. Melanie

    That’s it. I’m on my way over there now. . . .
    I finished the blackberry beret today- it is so perfectly adorable that I can hardly stop kissing my boy!

  2. Corina

    I have just discovered your blog and read many of your archives. I feel like I know you and love how much we have in common. I love all your merry making! Happy holidays to you and your sweet kiddos!

  3. dawn

    I enjoy your blog. I love the rugs you’ve made. How are they made? Did you use rovings? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family.

  4. Melody Post author

    You can’t I’m afraid. That photograph was taken at a Tree Festival where
    there was a tree decorating competition. Sorry.

    happy holidays,

  5. melanie webb

    Where did you find the wee fairy’s on your tree? or…Did you make the tree and the fairy folk? If you made them how?
    Love your blog.

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