our garden gate

I wanted the entrance way into a storybook garden.  It’s not perfect and it’s not done.  I’ve been struggling with perfectionist tendencies.  I keep putting off posting about things until they are “completely done”.  Only nothing ever seems to get completely done.  For one thing, projects and spaces are always evolving and for another, we’re just too darn busy!  Which means that we have to prioritize.  Which means that we almost always move on to something more important before all of the little details get taken care of.  I admit it.  I’m jealous of those people who can start a project and follow through down to the very last detail.  Sometimes I get down on myself feeling like it’s a lack of discipline or something that keeps us from never really finishing.  But the fact is, that’s not the case at all.  We’re just spread too thin, with too many commitments and responsibilities to work that way.  Like for this project I know that we have yet to install a handle or latch because it was more important that money go elsewhere.  I never finished setting the stones because there are only so many hours in the day, and the fall vegetable garden needed planting, if we were going to be able to harvest in time.  The gardens out front weren’t fixed up and the planters that I’ve dreamed up still remain in dream land because the strawberries needed weeding and side dressing, we had to build a new bed for the cantaloupes and dozens or hundreds of other little things that beat out “cleaning up and adding to the old flower beds” on my to-do list on any given day.  So those moments, here and there, where I grabbed a few weeds, were as far as I got.  But really now, how silly of me to dismiss this beautiful spot, because it’s not quite done yet?  We worked very hard, designing and building this gate and arbor.  And it’s lovely.  It makes me smile every time I enter the garden, even all unfinished as it is.

The details…

The design was our own.  The arbor was finished with Vermont Natural Coatings Polywhey Exterior Finish in ‘Acorn Brown‘.  The gate was finished with the same product in ‘Barn Red‘.


2 thoughts on “our garden gate

  1. Becca

    So beautiful! I know what you mean about projects not getting completed. but I also think, who set a deadline? Whether it gets completed this season, next or 5 years from now, it all gets accomplished in the end. It’s the moving forward that counts, right?

  2. Mama Ash Grove

    Melody, it is beautiful, finished or not. It’s what I’d like for our garden, a fenced in dreamy area with a gorgeous gate.
    We are the same EXACT way in our family- there are so many projects begun and not finished, due to lack of time, other priorities, money, etc. etc. Do you know, we have places where we have not finished painting the trim, begun years ago? It seems we should be able to just DO it. ANd our back door/mudroom area, nothing has been done there yet. And it’s embarassing too because so many people go in and out of it. But there is the old 1950s flooring, the yucky paint, and the old falling apart 1940s screen door.
    Anyhow, currently our front entry area and Ella’s attic room are half-done. Sigh.
    But, we need to put what is most important first. Namely, our young families. The children will not remember the unfinished things- they’ll remember our time spent with them.

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