13 thoughts on “Mini-Gnomey

  1. Alexa

    I am just starting your scrappy gnome hat pattern for my son – thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Angel

    I have been looking for just the right hat pattern if only I would have seen your pattern first. Thank you for sharing your work. Its great that it fits so many different sizes I am going to make one for my 20 year old son and my newest granddaughter.

  3. Mary

    I really think this comes very close to being a smurf hat without actually being one. I was wondering if you would have an idea for taking the pattern and putting that crook in the top so it points forward a little more. One sided decreases?

  4. Melody Post author

    There is a link to download the pattern within this post. Just click on the word “here” in the sentence “The free pattern can be downloaded here”. Please let me know if you have anymore trouble.

    Happy knitting,

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