full weekends

Last weekend started off with work on the house, followed by baseball.  My parents arrived for a brief visit on Sunday.  Upon flipping through her photos my mom remarked that in less then 24 hours she had pictures of the kids at the playground, singing in a concert and at the beach.  She said that it looked more like a week long visit.  That’s just the sort of steady clip we move along at this time of year.  And don’t worry, we fit in some more baseball before they left again.

The water at the pond is not warm enough for swimming yet (I don’t care what Galen says!), but it was a warm sun-shiny day, just right for a bit of sun bathing, sand castle making, and stone skipping, before heading off to the next activity.


2 thoughts on “full weekends

  1. Monica

    Hey, Melody! You are so going to laugh… I was just about to comment I just *love* the blue trim on your new bath, when I spotted the tape there and realised what it was… Sigh. I love your bathroom anyway!

  2. Melody Post author

    You know Mon, after I had taped everything off, I stood back and thought, “huh, that’s kind of striking…” On the bright side the same look would be very easy to achieve in your own home. lol

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