Week in the Life Wrap Up

Well, I did it!  I managed to finish it all, though it only took us a week to live it and me two to record it.  This is kind of a supplemental post.  I wasn’t as good about capturing our living space throughout the week as I would have liked.  So late on Week in the Life Sunday, I went about and took some pictures of what things are like right now.  It’s especially relevant as by this time next year, I imagine that very little will be the same.

We have three bedrooms on the second floor, none of which are being used because we are still working on flooring them.  In the meantime, we’re all sleeping on the first floor.  Which in turn means that our beds and things are displacing the objects that rightfully belong in those spaces.  It’s a bit cluttered.  And there is a lot that we haven’t been able to unpack yet, because we haven’t been able to prepare the space for it.  But really I don’t think it’s bad at all and soon enough we’ll be upstairs as well.  We’ve lived in much, much tighter quarters.  Go way back in the archives and you’ll see what I mean.  It will be nice and funny to be able to look back at these and say fondly, “oh yes, remember those days?”.

This is the view from the dinning room into what we’ve been calling “the bunk room”, current bedroom to all three boys and future homeschooling space/home office.

Galen’s area.  He made his bed himself.  It should also be mentioned that I took these after 7 kids had spent the day playing and running about in here, so it’s all very lived in, with nothing at all being arranged ‘just so’.

And the other side of the room, where Iain and Elijah reside, with a big pile of boxes, containing all their worldly possessions stacked up behind their beds.

Along with our little, make-shift area for homeschooling supplies…

Arranged on the changing table that Steve built when I was pregnant with Little Rosebud. No closets for anyone either, so dress clothes hang off the edges.

The heavily rumpled space above, also off of the dining room, is my future studio and current bedroom to The Man, The Girl and myself.

Which means that all of my crafty stuff is in the living room, along with a great many boxes and lots of plants.


3 thoughts on “Week in the Life Wrap Up

  1. Mama Ash Grove

    Even as such, your new home looks wonderful! Light and airy and beautiful! I look forward to seeing the rooms! I love the floors!
    I also love that child’s chair, I have always admired it- the high one pulled up to the table. Is that vintage?
    And can you tell me- where did the large wicker laundry basket come from- the one atop the bureau? I like it. ..
    <3 Mel

  2. Sian

    Hi, I’ve read your blog for a while – first comment though. Your house is looking amazing, what a great place to live : )

  3. Melody Post author

    Thank you both!

    Melanie- The chairs (we have two of them) came from a local unfinished furniture shop. It was a long time ago. They are ten years or so old now, but I know a lot of them work from the same sorts of catalogs, so maybe you could find something similar, if you were in the market, at an unfinished furniture store nearby. They are sold as “youth chairs”. And I’d have to ask my mom to be sure about the basket, as it was a gift from her, but I’m pretty sure it came from this place in Pennsylvania: http://reedswicker.com/

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