Week in the Life, Tuesday

~Snow and sleet all morning.

~Elijah built the fire today.  His first.

~Pre-breakfast: banana, pear, orange and collard smoothie

~Actual breakfast: red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, olive, guacamole and tulsi-mint tea with honey.

~Too wet to take sketch books out to continue our wildflower study as planned.

~A lot of the morning and early afternoon was much the same as yesterday; quiddler over breakfast, chores, more baseball play (yes, even in the snow), school work, etc.

~Everyone needs things for spring, so I’m trying to get a bit of sewing in each day.

~Library day, which just happens to coincide with a tea party at the library

~I wore the dress I made last week for the first time.

~So funny and a little nice to be introduced to all, as Mrs. —-.  I feel certain that Steve looked over his shoulder for his mother!

~the two small fry came back well fortified with A.A. Milne.  Rosebud calls them “knee-the-pooh books”.

~More horse magazines and “Caroline books” and “Rose books” (the series chronicling Laura Ingalls-Wilder’s mother’s and daughter’s lives) for the bigger ones.  They went through all three of the ones they brought home last week.

~The only thing I managed to grab was a couple of wildflower guides for school this week.

~It’s off to baseball practice for all of the big boys, including the very biggest boy of all.

~Working on Mother’s Day cards for the Grandmothers

~Dinner,Part I: chicken dippers and broccoli

~Littles to bed

~Dinner, Part II: the same thing two and a half hours later.  Only with tea this time too because I knew they would all come home chilled.

~Between the three of them I get an almost literal play by play of the entire practice.  Even though they are starving, it’s hard to get them to even sit down and eat, they are still so excited.  And while they eat they are constantly popping back up again to show me just how a certain play was made.  It was a very good practice!

~The biggest problem with us all sleeping down here is that this little munchkin:

is not sleeping!  Until the upstairs floors are finished we’re all sleeping in rooms just off and open to the kitchen/dinning room area.  Which means that late nights for them more often then not, inadvertently turn into late nights for him.  This photo was taken 3 hours after his bedtime.  sigh.  He would be watching us at the table, then every time I looked over, he would quickly lay his head back down.


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