Where we’re at…

I come to you without photos today because, while I have a few to share, my photo storage program has decided to update and reorder all of my pictures.  And it seems like this is going to take a while.  I’ll try to add the pictures in later when I have access to them again.


With the house

It’s been a whirlwind week.

*We’ve moved almost all of our possessions over.

*Had family come for a short, work intensive visit.

*Came close to finishing painting all the bedrooms.  Ours could use another coat on the ceiling and a bit on the trim.

*Decided to pretend that closets don’t count as actually being a part of the bedrooms and therefore don’t need to be totally painted for the bedrooms to be considered “done”.  La, la, la, I can’t see you!

*Except that I can because they don’t yet have doors either.

*Cleaned out under the house and in the basement, including the cord of wood covered in white fuzz.

*Had the air quality specialist out.  Again.

*Got internet hooked up.

*Had the heating ducts cleaned.

*Moved things and re-arranged and moved some more.

*Enjoyed this glorious, strangely warm weather and watched the snow melt in the gardens, revealing to us the things that have grown there before and the things that will grow there again.

*Found little bits of green peeking out from under last years debris in the herb garden and was delighted to find some of my favorite plants already in place and well established.

*Started to excavate said plants, as a “break” from hard manual labor.

*Consistently forgot to schedule someone to come out and empty the septic tank.  Which is really not the thing you want to forget.  Especially considering the inspector said it looked like it was a couple of years over due.

*Pried off, labeled and stored all of the baseboards from the second floor.

*Ordered more paint.  Again.

*Put a lot of stuff in the attic, just to get it out of the way.

*Wondered why on earth we have all of this stuff anyway?  And where did it all come from?!?

*Set up a P.O. box.  Had the postal women exclaim, “thank god!” when we came in.  Apparently three unclaimed packages constitutes over-whelming in our tiny new post office.  Oops.

*Had 700 board feet of wide-plank white pine delivered.  Forget Rubik’s Cubes, you want a real challenge?  Try getting 16′ long boards around a bend in a stairwell without damaging either board or wall.

*And we still managed to get in our second trimester homeschooling report the the local school district, which has nothing at all to do with the house, but was way high up on my to-do list!


It’s been a strange week for me.  Not at all in a bad way, just very out of the ordinary.

*I think I took all of two pictures in seven days.

*I haven’t knit at all.

*I have been making slow progress on a needlework sampler.  I’m up to ‘F’ now.  It’s very slow going.  Or at least it feels so to me.  I’m told I’m quite a fast knitter and I’m used to quick results.  But really this is just the pace I need right now.

*I’ve been going to bed early.

*The fast and easy foods we resorted to over the move did not do well by my tummy.  It’s led me to intentionally fasting for the first time in my life.  I’ve been wary of fasts in the past but I’ve found a method that’s quite effective in keeping blood sugar and energy stable.  I’m three days in now and so far it’s going well.

*I haven’t been on the computer almost at all, no blog posting, no blog reading, really no idea what’s going on in the outside world right now, beyond the little sun-shiny hollow that encompasses home.

*The exception being the couple of times I’ve been called upon to shop for things to keep the work on the house moving along.

*On that note, I suspect many people who follow my pinterest boards are ready to kill me, or well, at least unfollow me, on account of my current switch plate obsession.

*I have not missed posting here and was quite happy for the break.  But the last couple of days I’ve started taking a few pictures here and there and I’m starting to feel ready to ease back into being in this space regularly again, feeling refreshed.

*I’m starting to think that this may well turn into a house blog for a while and hoping no one minds too much.

*I’ve started my own mini yoga practice.  I’ve not been able to maintain a regular practice since I got ill last summer.  It takes too much strength and energy to maintain postures that have always come so easily in the past.  But post-move, aching shoulders lead me to sitting in a basic sitting pose, our first morning here, taking 10 or so deep breaths, while raising and lower my arms, then stretching to each side and forward.  So simple that it’s barely anything, but it’s felt so powerful to me and I’ve done it every morning since then, adding in a slight back bend a couple days later and occasionally, on the days I feel up for it, a bit more.  I’m hoping that as I heal I’ll be able to branch out from here.

So, what do you think is strangest, that I haven’t been knitting, that I haven’t been eating or that I haven’t been taking pictures?


11 thoughts on “Where we’re at…

  1. Melissa

    I look forward to reading all about the new house. You pictures of your spaces I find so lovely and calming and realistic so I can’t wait for more new ideas. I find the not knitting relatable as whenever my life fills up either physically or mentally I can only handle dishcloth which is where I am right now.Fasting is something I would like to hear how you are doing it without crashing I could certainly benefit.I am so excited for you to have this home I am sure it will feel like a huge sigh of relief (once all of the loose ends have been tired up). All the best.


  2. Melody Post author

    I do! It’s kind of ridiculous. My brain goes in a million directions at once and I kind of have this theory that if I pin it then I can forget about it because it will be saved for me to come back to.

  3. Melissa

    Ack, please excuse the odd spelling and punctuation as I have a new tablet computer that is far smarter than I am and insists on autocorecting in unique and unusual ways and doesn’t show me what I have done until I have published.Sorry.

  4. Christine

    Busy, busy! I would also love to hear more about your fasting– I have (low) blood sugar issues too and tend to avoid it due to that. Thanks!

  5. Whitney

    It sounds like you have had a very, very busy week! I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new home, I have only been following your blog for a short while and already feel connected, so I just wanted to say thank you for having such a good blog :)

  6. Becky

    So are you juicing? Jon and I just bought a juicer and I am trying to drink one meal a day.

  7. Melody Post author

    Melissa- “Realistic”, that’s code for messy, yes? lol Seriously though, I’m honored that you find inspiration in our home(s) and I’m glad there is someone out there looking forward to the things I share.

  8. Melody Post author

    On fasting… first off this is not meant to be medical advice and I’m not an authority and all that please-don’t-sue-me jazz. I was making about a gallon or ginger tea, with fresh ginger. I’d take a piece about the size of my hand and chop it up small (skin and all) and boil it for 20 minutes. I mixed that with a strong brew of green tea (approximately 5 tea bags per quart of water). And then using that as the liquid base, I basically made lemon-lime aid to taste, using the juice of fresh lemons and limes, in equal amounts and maple syrup. I was supposed to drink at least a sip every 15 minutes from wake up until bedtime. And a sip or two in the night if I woke up then. As well as any time I felt hungry or weak. You are supposed to drink at least a gallon a day. I think I was drinking between 1.5 and 2. I felt really surprisingly good on it. I had planned to go on for longer, but stopped after 3 days because of an odd symptom I had. I don’t believe it was related, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients since I consuming so much of them. I think I’ll probably try again in a couple of months.

  9. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Glad you are getting good house things done, feeling well, going to bed early sounds very nice. I agree that even the smallest amounts of stretching and yoga makes such a difference. House posts sound great.
    I think the not knitting might surprise me most. And it seems like you might have to sew something soon.
    Happy house settling and happy spring to you!

  10. Melody Post author

    Yes Renee, I was thinking the same. Perhaps Màiri Rose needs an Easter dress, just for a sense of normalcy?

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