Meet Rose

Sweet Màiri Rose’s third birthday gift.  I hemmed and hawed about making her, but in the end I’m so glad that I did.  Along with a book, her birthday sweater and one little thing I’ll share later, these were her gifts from us this year.  When I set up her birthday table, I purposely kept Rose aside in a different room.  I don’t like the idea of wrapping dolls.  When I was a little girl my dolls were very real to me and it was upsetting to see them under packaging.  Though in our house it’s a bit different since all the gifts were wrapped in play silks.

After she had finished opening everything else; the little gifts from her brothers, a pretty pair of shoes purchased with the money Grandma sent, and so forth, we told her there was still one more special present.  It was then that I went into the other room, as I was walking back, I heard her exclaim in tiptoe bouncing anticipation, “Oh, I hope it’s a baby!”  And the fact that I actually got to place a baby in her arms, all wrapped up in a blanket that was hers as a newborn, made all of the late night sewing worthwhile.

I used the 16″ Starbright Baby pattern from Sarah’s Dolls.  My machine was still in the shop at the time, so little Rosie was sew entirely by hand.  I triple sewed all of the seams and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that she holds up well!

So, Rosebud got her new baby, but no clothes for said baby, as I wasn’t about to undertake that by hand as well.  Until I can get around to it, her brothers were kind enough to loan her some old doll clothes of their own.

This was my first button jointed dolly and the first I’ve made with a belly button and sculpted bottom as well.  The novelty was very well received in this house full of simple, mama-made dolls.

They are very happy together.


8 thoughts on “Meet Rose

  1. Erica

    The doll is beautiful, what a lucky girl!

    I’m very interested in reading about your wonder book for Iain, as well as the rainbow bridge story, but every time I try to click onto it, I get a glimpse of the post and then I’m immediately re-routed to your current blog post. Is there any way I can read these old posts that you linked to? Thanks so much!

  2. Melody Post author

    Hi Erica,
    Sorry about that! It’s re-directing to my old site (which in turn is set to re-direct to this site!). Not all of the links have been updated. Here is what you were looking for. There are lots of other posts talking about Rainbow Bridge stories for the other kids as well.

    If there is ever something that you can’t find, there is a search box on the Archives page. The Archive page is on one of the tabs up on the banner. Everything old is still out there, but as I said, all of the links haven’t been updated!


  3. Monica

    Oh, Melody, that is amazingly adorable!

    Now… I must confess… I am seriously curious to see that doll’s bottom!

  4. Melody Post author

    You know, I was going to post one, but I couldn’t figure out an angle for a photo that would seem, uhm, tasteful. lol

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