hair idea 1: easy chignon

A couple of weeks ago, on my “Hair Ideas” board, I pinned this, with the note, “wonder what this would look like with my crazy curls?”  And here is the answer.  Not nearly so neat and sleek, though it would have been far more so, had I done it with wet hair, instead of tucking dry hair up one day to get it out of my way.  I didn’t bother with the teasing step because, well, I had plenty of “stuffing” already.  Instead of sleek and sophisticated, it’s more messy and fun, but I kind of like it.


4 thoughts on “hair idea 1: easy chignon

  1. Heather

    Funny that hairdo is on my Pinterest board as well. I have fine hair, so it looked a bit flatter when I did it. I am a bit envious of your curls!

  2. Carol Pack Urban

    I love this! I used to have very long hair but it started to fall out so I cut it short. Turned out I had cancer. Boo, but now I’m in remission and I’m growing it back out. Yay! It’s finally long enough to pin into a chignon with two hair pins.

    I enjoyed looking at your hair ideas site. It gave me lots of ideas and I can’t wait for it to grow long enough to do more elaborate things with it. :)

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