topsy turvy

I have been nesting.  Not pregnant nesting, but it’s autumn going into what may be a long winter of much time inside, nesting.  It’s spring cleaning in autumn.  It’s bringing about change by physically making it happen.  It’s messy in the midst of it.  I probably should have warned you before those startling photos above.  This here, is my most favorite project of all.  We’re turning our office/random-crafting-storage-place into an actual, fully functional studio.  I’m so very excited!  But well, right now, it kind of looks like this (which falls more under the category of ‘daunting’ then ‘exciting’).  Except that I cleared out a couple more boxes after taking these pictures.  Most of the stuff (currently piled on every flat surface in the room) came from those closets in the background.  And I should have/would have taken pictures inside them as well, except I’ve already started setting things right in there, so I thought that should wait until the final “finished” unveiling.

In the meantime, I’m slowly working away in here.  And daydreaming of what’s to come, occasionally adding things to a little inspiration board that I created just for this project.


5 thoughts on “topsy turvy

  1. mamaraby

    I love it when you post pictures of your rooms – even if they’re messy. They always look so warm and cozy. I can see the opportunities in your future studio and I’m just the tiniest bit envious of such a space.

  2. Melanie~ Our Ash Grove

    OOOOHHHHH you are so lucky! My studio is a desk- a cool one, but still, a desk in the corner of the living room. Someday. . . we do have a pretty awesome mostly finished attic with huge windows, and we keep discussing turning this into a studio.
    This house you are in is a rental, are you able to paint the walls? Did you paint that color? I like it. Is it dark in person?
    I am excited to watch this unfold, and to dream and get ideas!

  3. Julianne

    I have a feeling your going to love your new studio! I’m excited to see your end result. So fun to watch your progress in your home. I was just thinking of setting up a similar space to yours although it would be in our basement. I’m guessing you will be spending alot of time in that room creating, dreaming and having alot of fun.

  4. Melody Post author

    It is a rental. We didn’t paint the walls and we’re not going to. It is a pretty color, but it’s too dark for my taste. We have such long dark winters that I tend to go for lighter and brighter wall colors with darker accents. It’s less over-whelming that way.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments on our project!

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