Our Bedroom

It’s been over a year since we moved into this house.  At the time, I promised to give a tour of all the rooms once they were all set up and “done”, but I never made it past the kitchen.  What is done really when you are talking about a space that is lived in, lived with and ever evolving to meet our ever evolving needs, interests and tastes?  And, much like our last house, this is only a rental home.  We’re still not sure how long we will be staying.  There are some things that we can’t change, and others that it doesn’t make sense to change.

This is where we are at, right now.  Not in the future and not in the past.  This room is “decorated”, if you can call it that, in much the same way that I suspect most rooms in most people’s houses are.  Just a collection of things that we’ve come into possession of by various means (a hand-me-down bed here, a refurbished tag sale find there, some birthday gift sheets on the bed), put together in a room, in a way that works for our life right now.  There is very little rhyme or reason to it all.  I hung my belly cast up, because it was in my way in a closet.  The weaving on the dresser is there for similar reasons.  I picked up that little Jessie Willcox Smith print on a whim, to frame for Màiri when she has her own room.  Until then, it’s balanced on this ledge.  The photograph of Steve and I is hung up so high because there was a nail there already and I didn’t want to put another hole in the wall.

There is no color scheme or over-all look to be achieved, it can’t be qualified as this style or that.  It just simply is.  And I’m ok with that.  It’s pleasant and light and airy and suits our needs just fine.  The room itself is a beautiful space, esthetically pleasing without any help from me.

Really what pleases me the most is it’s simplicity.  There is no clutter to curtail, nothing in the room that rightfully belongs elsewhere.  It is all useful to the room’s purpose, comfortable and nothing more.  There are the books we are currently reading in the bedtime hours on the nightstand, clothes in the dresser and closets, bedding to warm and comfort us and not much more.    Ultimately, that’s what I wish for in all of the spaces of our home.  Just the things that we want and need, everything with and in it’s place and nothing more.

It’s just ever-so-much easier to achieve in a bedroom, that has such a simple and basic purpose to begin with, unlike, say a living room, that serves as a space for entertainment, quiet time alone for grownups, play space for little ones, school space for middle ones, library, sometimes sewing room, art space, music room and so forth.

Can you tell that I crawled across the bed to get some of the earlier photos?  I know it’s all rather rumpled here, but I just love the way the late afternoon light streams through these windows in autumn.



3 thoughts on “Our Bedroom

  1. Monica

    Well, Melody, I *adore* your bedroom. I like your reasoning, and how you actually do and live it.

  2. Julianne

    Your blog is so refreshing. I love how you have made your home comfortable yet so simple. You are a source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!!

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