At the Fair (part II)


mairi bird


beautiful quilt

mairi rides

flying Galen

red white quilt


galen rides

brother and sister

bumper cars 1

bumper cars 2

“Almanzo was tired of having a good time.  Three days were too much.

It didn’t seem right to be dressed up again and leaving the farm.

He felt unsettled, as he did at housecleaning time.

He was glad when the Fair was over and everything could go on as usual.”

~Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

It was wonderful, but we ended up being there four days this year, with the dropping off and picking up of stuff and by the end I could kind of see Almanzo’s point.  Good and glad that we went, but happy and content to be back home and back to our usual routines.

There is still one more Fair post to come.  The one in which I share all of the children’s handy work that they exhibited this year.  Lovely, lovely stuff from these sweet boys of mine.


One thought on “At the Fair (part II)

  1. Sarah

    Looks like a lovely time. Our fair was flooded out this year and we were really disappointed not to go. My son is finally old enough to exhibit an animal next year, and both of mine will enter some type of hand work. Can’t wait to see what your boys entered!

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