Dear old friends, good food, some splashing in the river, the celebrating of milestones, a couple of errands run, some home care done, a well known walk with a beautiful view, and to bed early, Sunday night, with a breeze (oh that blessed breeze!) finally blowing in at our window.  It was  a good weekend.  What did you do?


2 thoughts on “weekending

  1. Vanessa

    Oh lovely summer weekends:) We spent the days enjoying the sun (finally!), biking by the ocean, visiting with good old friends who have just had their first baby, enjoying togetherness as a family after a hectic week………

  2. Kelly Seibert

    Sounds like fun. We spent the w/e cleaning house, sprucing up the yard, watering, watering, watering plants (100 degree weather here in NC) and preparing for our youngest daughter’s wedding (this Sat.). I come to your website to “destress”. We are missing a “flower girl”….how I would have loved your little “rosebud” along with my two year old grandson (ringbearer)!

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