our little housemates

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Date: 7/12/11     Time: 12:23    Weather: Sunny    Location: the backyard


*Phoebes’ nest under our porch
*baby phoebes in the nest
*baby phoebes calling for food
*Mama phoebe is bringing food to the babies.
*Two yellow butterflies playing in the sun
*One orange butterfly, flying around
*A little white moth flying around the flowers

    ~copied, with permission from the nature journal of Elijah


    We had a nest of Eastern Phoebes at the Little House too.  They came every year and nested in the same place.  Every year we enjoyed watching them hatch and grow, with the yard all full of baby bird sounds.pheobe

    I’ve really come to the conclusion that a home is not a home without a nest of Phoebes.


    One thought on “our little housemates

    1. Carol Pack Urban

      When we built our house phoebes built two nests on the main beam in the basement holding up the house. That was 10 years ago and we left them there. We heard phoebes brought good luck. :) Now the phoebes nest under the front porch where they are more than welcome. We love when they come back every spring and especially how many insects they eat!

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