rhubarb and a grain-free crust


We found a giant and I mean giant rhubarb plant in an out-of-the-way, seldom visited corner of the yard last week.  There were some babies as well, but the mother plant was a sight to see.

We have a whole new yard and chunk of land to explore and discover through the seasons yet again this year.  As my children happen to be very fond of nibbling at things around the yard, they have found their discoveries here to be quite satisfactory.  The violets have already come and gone, the best wood sorrel spots have been scouted out, the many patches of wild strawberries are picked over daily, with occasional tastes of the thyme growing wild throughout the lawn, while the raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and autumn olives continue to be monitored, with hopes of a good harvest in the future.


What to do with the bountiful rhubarb?  We made tarts.  We’ve been eating mostly grain-free lately, in an effort to curtail the very painful abdominal migraines of one of the children, as well as other things.  It’s challenging but it’s helping.  It’s helping a lot.   So we carry on.  I took my basic gluten-free pie crust (found here) and changed it around a bit.  Instead of the flour ratio listed, I used 1 cup each of almond flour, coconut flour and arrowroot flour.  I left the xanthan gum out altogether.  I’ve never been big on adding gums to my baked goods and since reading this I haven’t used them at all.  Otherwise I just made one batch, in exactly the same way.  Ok, well, I didn’t chill the dough.  It was still baseball season after all and who has that kind of time?!?  The chilling just makes it better for rolling out.  I skipped all of that an just pressed it into pans.  And it was not just good, it was *wonderful*.  Yum, yum, yum.  I think I might go check the yard for some more rhubarb today.

p.s. I added a little list of links to the sidebar.  Just some random little things that strike my fancy; some books, some recipes, some crafts, some music, some pretty little things.  I plan to change it from time to time, so take a peek every once in a while.


3 thoughts on “rhubarb and a grain-free crust

  1. Rose

    We’ve been mostly grain-free for a few years now. I’ve got tons of recipes, some good ones for cookies and muffins. LMK and I’ll send them along.

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