At the end of the season…


The age break meant that we had kids on two different teams this year.  The league was really good about scheduling so that we could make all of the games and practices, of course that meant that we had 4-5 games a week with 1-2 practices!  Which was mostly only horribly hectic for us big people.  All of the chores, school work, packing of things and cooking for the day (including dinner and a snack for when we get home, because they are always hungry when we get home), done by 4:00?  Everyday?  Right.  No problem.  Got it under control.  Uhm, sort of…



But, it was a great experience for all of us.  In one way or another, everyone was involved.  New friends were made, new skills were acquired.  The younger kids had a great time, hanging out, eating watermelon, cheering on their brothers, getting in on all sorts of crazy games with the other younger siblings.  And oh those fields with an adjacent playground?  Pure gold as far as they were concerned.   “We going to a baseball game today??” Màiri Rose asks hopefully every morning.

ball pass

a little big

We settled into something of a routine; catch with the Papa during the pre-game practice, whichever big boy wasn’t playing became the self-appointed bat boy for his brother’s team, that seemingly necessary 5th inning climb on the fence at the far end of the field.  It all became familiar, a part of our daily baseball “routine”.


I feel like the big boys really came into their own and developed a deeper understanding of the game.  Especially our power-hitting, starting pitcher, who just blossomed into an entirely different player, totally unrecognizable from last year.



So, it was good, and it was fun and it was *busy*.  And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, blogging time went right out the window.  We are done for the season now.  A satisfying sort of done, with feelings of accomplishment, hard work and good times shared, all happily mingling together.


And now we are on to the next phase of our summer.  Our yearly ocean-side camping trip.  Ah yes, good things to come!


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