7 thoughts on “we have a five year old…

  1. claire/mamauk

    Oh what a gorgeoue beautiful boy! Oh how can he be five?? Seeing this boy of yours as a nwborn gave me such baby lust I needed to have another, and now seeing him I think I want another little boy all over again :lol That colour suits him so much, great pattern, was it easy to knit up? What a beauty! I love his hair, Happy Birthday Sweet Galen :)

    Claire xox

  2. Sniega

    Congratulations both to an awsome boy and his wonderful mother :)
    What a great birthday table!
    Oh, I wish I was always ready with all the handmade presents, iintended to give to my dearest ones…

  3. Kate

    Happy Birthday sweet Galen! Five is soo big! I have a little girl who is five and it is such a cute age! His sweater is beautiful!

  4. Melody Post author

    Thank you everyone!

    Claire- It was easy! I like the pattern a lot. Might make one for one of the bigger boys next. And the hair, it’s just like mine. It’s so funny, we both have the high maintenance hair in the house. And he looks adorable, right out of the bath, freshly combed and with perfect ringlets everywhere. And ten minutes later it’s a mess, because, well, he’s five!

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