Fetled Matryoshka

Back to Christmas! (yet again)
nesting dolls

Pattern: Nesting Dolls by Kate Startzman

Yarn: various scraps

Made for: Màiri Rose

This was one of my favorite gifts of the Christmas season, both to make and to give.

When I was a little girl, we used to go to this fancy doll shop, with big wooden cases full of porcelain dolls of every sort; characters from fairy tales, princesses, and life like babies of every sort and style.  And on top of each of those cases were rows of hand painted matryoshka, some very traditional and some not at all.  Some held all the characters of a story, some were of animals, some were ladies from a foreign land, some soldiers, and I was fascinated by all of them.  I knew when I saw this pattern that I just had to make them.

The knitting and felting went very quick and easy, while the embroidery was quick time consuming, but so sweet!

One of Little Rosebud’s favorite games right now is “Where’s the baby?”, where we set them all up and hide the littlest one in one of the others, while she closes her eyes (occasionally peeking just a tiny bit through her fingers).

“Where’s baby??”


“There she is!”


6 thoughts on “Fetled Matryoshka

  1. Heather

    I love these. You did a wonderful job. I may have to make a set for my daughter(or even ME). I had a wooden set as a young girl and loved it. I am glad you said it was an easy knit. I may even have some scrap yarn around the house that would work.

  2. Melody Post author

    It was an easy knit! Very, very basic. Quick too, I think it finished them all in a night. The embroidery wasn’t difficult either, just took some time.

  3. Melanie~Our Ash Grove

    Oh, these are so very sweet! Just today Asa was playing with some matryoshka dolls my brother got while in Russia- there is something so enticing about that tiny tiny one for small children. :) Mairi’s hands look delicious holding that littlest one!

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