4 thoughts on “inside and out

  1. Heather

    Oh so many things in the works. My dad made us beautiful playstands a few years ago as well as some wooden animals. Have fun with it! What are you knitting and sewing this week? The yarn is gorgeous and it looks like you still have some snow!

  2. cecilia

    i really love this set of photos… it evokes a certain beautiful feeling – calm and joy – solace and community – the crafts of the hands and exploration (i guess that is lots of feelings/ways of being ;)
    your house has gorgeous craftsmanship – my husband is a woodworker among other things and he would drool, as do i, over that wood!

  3. LineMarie

    Ohh I hope you like your new sewing machine!!
    It is exactly what my mom got me in May and I love it.
    Especially the thread cutter!!

    Welcome Janome!!

    Enjoy Melody!!

  4. Karen Jennings

    Love these lovely pictures. As a Michigan native now in the warm south for many years, these pictures bring back teriffic memories. Also, the tragedy that is unfolding today in Japan, is very unsettling and your warm, loving site has been a nice haven between troubling news reports of devastation. Thank you for the grounding!
    The grey sweater is terrific, I’m hoping to find a pattern for it also on your site! You are really giving me lots of inspiration!

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