Màiri Rose’s 2011 Birthday Sweater

framed 1 again

A tiny tea leaves for my tiny tea lovin’ girl.  She’s totally a tea drinker already (all herbal and caffeine free, of course!).  From the time she was little, my Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettle Chai has been one of her very favorite things.    Unlike her tea loving mother, she’s a much more official and proper tea drinker.  Me?  I make a pot whenever I’m inspired to.  Sometimes, for a while, I’ll have a regular time for tea, but mostly it’s just whenever the mood strikes.  Little Miss Roo?  She comes down every morning and heads for the low cabinet where I keep an old clementine crate full of teas.  After carefully picking out her selection, she comes to me and says, “tea!  Make tea Mommy!”  Yes ma’am.  At your service.

framed 2

The tulsi teas by Organic India are some of her favorites.  We’re also loving lemon balm right now (and I’m dreaming of the spring time when I can see if my beloved lemon balm plants made it through both the move and the winter.  Ah!  Fresh lemon balm sun tea!  Oh, I am looking forward to that.).

framed 3

Pattern: Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi by Melissa LaBarre, I love this pattern.  I want to make the big version for me!

Yarn: Valley Yarns Sheffield in ‘Olive’, so, so soft.  And so totally covered in fuzz right now because she wants to wear it constantly, even to bed.  It’s not pilling exactly, it’s more like shedding.  But I sit and I pick all of the clumps off and it looks brand new again.

Size: 2

framed 4

She likes the buttons.

framed 5

This sweater was meant to go over a new birthday dress, but my sewing machine dying kind of put a damper on that plan.  After her birthday I had been thinking about hand sewing it, but a little elf informed me that a new sewing machine was likely to find it’s way home to me for my birthday (it did!!!), so I didn’t bother (my “elf” comes in the form of a big, sexy, bearded man.  how freakin’ lucky am I?!?).

framed 6

The big thing that stood out to me as I was sifting through pictures for this post is how very much like a little girl she looks now.  And not really like a baby at all.  *sigh*  When did that happen??


4 thoughts on “Màiri Rose’s 2011 Birthday Sweater

  1. Heather

    My daughter turns 6 today, and I felt the same way. We looked at photos from each of her previous birthdays, and I thought how fast it all has gone. She is becoming quite a big girl. I love the sweater and plan on making one for my daughter(as well as one for me!).

  2. Melanie~Our Ash Grove

    aw, Melody she is so sweet. :)
    The tiny tea leaves came out beautifully! I’m working on it for my big girl for her April birthday, in pink (her favorite). I’d love to make tea leaves for myself too, and I may just do that. Probably in a dark gray? Hmmm.

  3. cecilia

    oh it is lovely! nice work :) she looks quite pleased – i think if i had one i’d like to wear it all of the time too. she is looking beautiful and definitely older – my littlest turns 2 in april and it has gone so fast, again. at the mention of your chai, i am heading to the kitchen immediately to brew some up! (i love that she loves tea – such a lovely ritual too).

  4. Jenn

    So adorable! Perfect color sweater for her too! They grow up way to fast. So hard to believe my Harmony will be 3 at the end of this month. Time flies.

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