the BIG birthday post


~My birthday babies, on the morning of their birthday~

This post works out to be a scrapbook of sorts, with scenes from both our celebration with my family and images from their actual birthday.  January 5th marked their 2nd and 11th birthdays, respectively.
i bday table

~Iain’s Birthday Table~

iain bday table

iain card

iain hat

~trying on a new hat, made by my sister~

iain bike


m bday table

~the Birthday Table of Wee Màiri Rose~

The 99 cent super bouncy ball from Iain proved wildly popular.
mairi with ball
galen helps
~isn’t it convenient to have so many big brothers to open your gifts for you?~
The rose barrette was made by Elijah and I, from this pattern.
bunny 3
~Little Sleepy Head and her new lovey bunny “Kaloo”, on her birthday morn~

Màiri Rose walked around all day, aptly singing, “happy burday you-me! happy burday you-me!” (other familial re-writes going down in the books include “You say it’s your birthday…deh-nah-neh-neh-neh-nah-neh-nah…it’s Màiri’s birthday too, yeah!”)

iain again

Breakfast included blueberry pancakes with candles.  Iain only ended up with 3 candles, but he ate 11 pancakes, so it all worked out.

mairi 3
Another amazing year of watching these to incredible people grow (Iain is happy to report that he only has 2.5″ left to catch me).  I really can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone.  Here’s to another full year of growing, learning and loving, together!
Pictures of birthday sweaters to come!

7 thoughts on “the BIG birthday post

  1. Suzanne

    Hi Melody,
    I can’t believe your baby is already 2! Those cheeks–you must want to kiss them all day:-) Happy birthday to her and your son! Are they excited for the snow about to hit us here in Western Ma–mine have every boot, hat and mitten at the ready…LOL!
    Take care,

  2. Michelle

    I have said this to you before and I say it again. Your children are strikingly beautiful! They look so pure and wholesome and well loved and cared for.

  3. Kelly Seibert

    I was thinking the same thing as Suzanne about those cheeks! I started reading your blog shortly after your “wee” one was born and fell in love with her.

    I love the idea of a birthday table. You sure have the neatest ideas and the most beautiful children! And they all seem so happy…you should be proud of the great job you’re doing with them.

  4. tai

    Oh, the cheeks! And Ian’s face with the bike- what beautiful birthday babies you’ve got there! Looks like a wonderful celebration. I am always inspired by the way you celebrate your children and the traditions you create. Happy birthday Ian and Mairi!

  5. cecilia

    happy birth day to ian and mairi! how fun :) they are absolutely beautiful as always. sounds like a wonderful and thoughtful celebration was had. i love that he ate so many pancakes – boys that age can really eat! and her barrette is awesome!!

  6. Melanie~Our Ash Grove

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little ones- and one is not so little anymore! Such a handsome big boy he’s growing into. And Mairi still has such baby cheeks (thankfully, right?)!
    Very sweet little chambray dress- did you make that?

  7. Melody Post author

    Thank you everyone!

    Cecilia- I keep thinking that we’re going to have to take out a loan or something when all three boys are teenagers at once! Two of them eat more then I do when I’m pregnant already and I think the last one eats just as much! It’s funny because while they were all really chubby babies, by the time they are 5, each has turned into the kind of kid that “slim” pants slip right off of.

    Melanie- it’s actually a shirt, well more of a tunic really, and it’s from Land’s End.

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