It must be November….

I’ve got a dryer full of red lint and the tea is flowing.  It’s the time of year when I don’t even bother putting the ironing board away anymore.  It just sits out, eventually turning into a catch-all for various works in progress.


Like I said, it must be November.  These are all sure fire signs.


Only as I sat down to type this, I realized that I only have about a half hour left of November; thirty short minutes, at which point it becomes December.    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how ominous that word sounds before.  Oh dear.


December it is then.  I’d like to say that I’m ready to welcome it with open arms.


But I’m not.


So I won’t.

more floss

Think there’s any chance that my family would appreciate gifts of piles of yarn and stacks of fabric?  I know I would…


Because at this point, that I could provide.

I think I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one….

just in case.


4 thoughts on “It must be November….

  1. Anne B.

    Ha! I laughed when I read your pondering about whether family would appreciate yarn and fabric as gifts. Maybe you could enclose a pattern and some personalized instructions and call it a “learn to sew/knit gift assortment,” and then they’d become self-sufficient. Just kidding! Since you’re so skilled, just remember you can adapt your projects as needed to create something amazing in whatever time you are able to carve out.

  2. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Well I do think my girls would be delighted to receive piles of fabrics and yarns. I was actually considering it as a stocking stuffer, their own little bundles of fabric, from my stash of course.
    That looks like a wonderful stack of wool, I wonder what will become of it…
    My ironing has been permanently placed in our little hallway next to a bookshelf, it always has projects laid out on it and now it is easily moved out beside the sewing table when I need it, and less often left sitting out in the living room.
    And yes, it is December. I can’t believe you have so many birthdays happening along with Christmas! My birthday is on the 23rd, it is barely a celebration, more like a little breathe during the holiday festivities. I’m sure you create magic for your children though!
    Happy Advent season to you and your sweet family!

  3. a little crafty nest

    Oh yes, here we are in this month that seems to fly by faster than any other. I must say, all those piles of goodies looks ever so inviting! Particularly that fabric beneath the embroidery floss…what is that?!!! I love the print! Happy crafting!
    xo Jules

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