2 thoughts on “snapshot: like Dorothy

  1. cecilia

    aw! her hair is getting so long! my littlest won’t even let me put cute felt clips in, but i wonder if an older girl tried to do her hair…. maybe she would let her? i used to have a little girl in my class who loved for me to braid her hair, but wouldn’t let her mom – the mom and i decided it was just the novelty of it during class that made it okay for someone else to “do” her hair. mairi’s looks adorable!!

  2. Melanie~Our Ash Grove

    The hairstyles start! I have had such fun braiding my girls hair- it’s below her waist. :) I have braided my boys too. . .
    One of my favorites to do with my girl is two braids wound around her head, sort of like Heidi. :)

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