Halloween Elves

My house is right full of them.g & m

From the very little ones, who’s current favorite pastime includes “making necklaces for friends”, a very helpful diversion while the mama plugs away at Halloween costumes.

stringing(as a side note, remember those beaded car seat covers that used to be popular a while back?  A friend of mine snagged one at a rummage sale and we harvested all the wooden beads from it for hours upon hours of stringing fun.)

To family projects where everyone lends a hand…pinatas

To the older ones who have many a trick up there sleeves…DSCN5128

Our house will surely be full of treats come Halloween day!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Elves

  1. cecilia

    oooh, these little sneak peeks are fun – excited to see what all you and yours have been creating :) bead stringing is such a great work!

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