15 perfect minutes

creamyI’m sitting here at the end of our very full weekend, quite worn out and about ready to collapse, but never the less content.  It was a long and busy one, but a good one.  I’m just here to share one little quiet moment of peace in it all, before I go and put myself to bed.

Fifteen perfect, commitment free minutes, with everyone, big and small, playing happily and the weather turned slightly crisp and autumnal, the very sort of conditions that speak most to my soul.  I’m sitting on the darkly colored stone step outside the door.  The one that holds the heat of the sun in a way that makes you feel all cozy and drowsy and content.  A mug of coffee, such a rare treat!  One that I’ll pay for later, with a racing heart and shaking hands, but I’ve forgotten that for now.  It has it’s own kind of aromatherapy, that speaks of lazy Sunday mornings and days long past.  There are flowers about with a soundtrack of birdsong, the wind rustling through the trees and children’s laughter.  I have yarn near by, but I don’t do more then rearrange it.  It’s good to have it resting by my feet though, it’s warm and cozy like the step, but full of love and promise as well.  It’s the book I long to sift through and relish; simple and sweet and known nearly by heart, comforting to it’s core and nourishing in it’s very repetition.  Fifteen sacred minutes, with everything falling into place.


7 thoughts on “15 perfect minutes

  1. Our Waldorf Home

    What a wonderful 15 minutes those sound like!! I had quite a peaceful night last night too, the fallish weather also speaks to my soul, my most favorite season, lot’s of knitting, warm mugs in our hands, contemplation, and stillness, yes I’m very much excited about our next season!


  2. Michelle

    I, too, turn to Anne when in need of solace for the soul and comfort when overwhelmed. I said since childhood that if I could have one character from literature to bring to life, it would be her – the friend between the pages who touches me so deeply. I even went with my best friend to Prince Edward Island for a fist solo (without parents) vacation after graduation from college. Enjoy your sun-warmed stone and well-loved tome! Michelle

  3. Melanie

    Ah, I can feel the peace and stillness! 15 peaceful minutes can seem like so long, and are so needed when you’ve got a house full of little ones. :)
    I recently re-read the “Anne” books myself. My 9 year old daughter reads them, reads them, and re-reads them over and over!

  4. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    I have a copy from when I was younger in a drawer by our bed. Once in a while I take it out and read a chapter before going to sleep. I of course so look forward to reading it with my girls!
    Your perfect minutes look beautiful, I hope you get lots more of them :)

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