In the Month of July

A little bit of where we are at, right now…

~I’m finally, finally, finally updating my Ravelry projects page.  I remember someone asking me to a year?  Maybe two??  ago and I’m just now getting around to it.  Good god I knit a lot.  I mean a lot.  Did you know?  Lot of projects have been added, but there are still many more to come.  (p.s. if you’re on Ravelry too, feel free to friend me)

bread 2~I’m working on perfecting my gluten-free zucchini bread recipe.  I used to make the *best* zucchini bread, and then along came food allergies….  in it’s current incarnation, the flavor is great, but the texture is kind of meh….at least there are plenty more zucchinis to experiment on.

yarn~I’ve actually been putting aside my knitting needles in favor of a crochet hook lately.  Who knows?  This just might lead to something…like, you know, actually learning how to crochet.

~I want to be able to take pictures like this.

picking~I’m reading Anne of Green Gables again, for the umpteenth time, just because it makes me happy.  In fact, I’m inclined to read them all again, but alas the the boxed set of my girlhood is no more; the old mold house deprived us of many favorites.  And our local library doesn’t have them (what is up with that?!?).  I think about replacing them from time to time, but then I feel guilty about spending the money on books that I’ve read many time already.  It would just be such a comfort to have them somehow.

lav one~Galen and I have some herbal massage oil steeping on the window sill.  It’s to be a Christmas present for Màiri Rose.  We harvested some of his calendula flowers that he grew from seeds and some of my lavender.  She does enjoy her lavender massage oil and he’s going to decorate the jar real pretty like.

jar~ I’m 2/3 or so through Iain’s birthday sweater, but it’s been stalled for several weeks now since I ran out of yarn and haven’t yet made it to the yarn store.

~ I’m already planning his sweater for next year.  Technically, I guess that would be two years from now since his birthday isn’t until next year. I know that even attempting this would be totally insane, but oh, it would be so perfect for him!

pool one~It finally occurred to me that a kiddie pool was in order.  We spent that last eight summers within easy walking distance of a creek, three ponds and a lake and the thought never even crossed my mind.  It wasn’t until I was sitting, watching all four of them trying to get into the 24″ galvanized tub at the same time that occurred to me that there might just be an easier option.  We had to order it on-line, since we couldn’t find one locally and it arrived just in time for the heat to break.  Which left them filling the pool while wearing jackets and sweatshirts (because of course they had to fill it) and me pondering the likelihood of developing hypothermia in July.

pool two~loving the wise mama words here

~I’m still in shock at finding goldenrod in bloom.  Are we really that far along already??  At the same time, I’m strongly craving some yarn in just the same color, to knit something; I have no idea what.  I’m resisting that temptation though (for now) and finishing up the projects I have supplies for right here.


7 thoughts on “In the Month of July

  1. Rhonda

    I know what you mean about the goldenrod, here in Michigan some of the trees are already changing color…

  2. Melanie

    Well that is a lovely rainbow pool!
    I also love Anne of Green Gables, it makes me happy too. We get nearly all our books used from lately- have you checked it out?
    This was a fun post. :)

  3. Michelle

    Melody, last year I re read The Secret Garden because you had mentioned it and I just loved it. Now I feel the urgent need to read Anne of Green Gables. I love that story too but I must confess, I have only seen the movie and not read the book. I do have two copies of it though. Thanks for the reminder of it.

  4. Julia

    Melody love,
    You just name the book and I will provide! I am a dye-hard Anne fan. I can’t wait till the girls are a wee bit older, as this is a pleasure I have yet to introduce them to. I bet you could reread my whole series before they get much bigger. Besides, those rapscallions, and 20+ years, destroyed my Laura Ingalls books after the 10th read or so! I bet you’d take better care of them than that.
    we love you,

  5. Jenn

    A wonderful post. Of course I noticed that yarn, love the colors.
    I love Anne…and Emily and Rilla and have re-read them too many times to count. Admittedly I don’t have so much time to read now as I did when I was younger, but Anne was my friend and my escape from a not so nice reality when I was young. And own a much abused copy of The Secret Garden too. Funny how some books always cheer you. We get a lot of our books through and pass along those we’ve gotten/read and don’t care to keep through there. We are lucky to have MaryLou at the local indoor flea market to buy from too since we rarely pay more than $3 for a paperback and I can trade them back in for more (our local library is spotty with what can be obtained even throughout the county). Right now I am waiting for my Grandmother to finish ‘Last Child in the Woods’ by R. Louv.

  6. cecilia

    great fun! a little pool is a must around here with some of our days getting into the 90s, but we can already feel it coming towards its close in our part of co. as well… i just retrieved my anne set from my moms house a month ago – good luck!!! another girlhood one i loved was called ‘mandy’ – she finds an abandoned cottage in the woods and fixes it up complete with masses of flowers :) love re-reading those childhood favorites~

  7. Melody Post author

    Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions for book buy/trading sites! I’ll be sure to check them out.

    Michelle-oh no, no, no, that won’t do at all! You *must* read the book. You won’t regret it!

    Julia me dear- Ok, so let me get this straight, I get to borrow the Anne book of my choice *and* I get to see you?!? Now that’s a sweet deal!

    Cecilia- I don’t think I’ve read ‘Mandy’, but it sounds right up my alley. I choose to believe that it’s charming that most of my favorite books were originally written for children. :)

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