The Sea Stars


I’ve been doing a lot of planning for our upcoming school year.  One of the things that I’m meditating on right now is ideas for working with the little, little ones.  Galen in particular gets impatient with being left out of our formal school day (he’s been known to park himself next to his brothers, jumping up and down, while chanting, “I want to do school work, I want to do school work!”).

One thing that I know I want to commit to is a seasonal story with props or puppets.  The story board above is to go with the story “The Sea Stars” by Suzanne Down.  Both the story and instructions for making it can be found in the Summer 2010 issue of Living Crafts magazine.

sea turtle

Galen helped me to make the felt base (and Màiri Rose thought she helped), and then I needle felted the images on top.  Suzanne’s version has two fish, but Galen liked the idea of a sea turtle.  I’ve had sea turtles on my mind since reading an article about how of all the creatures affected by the oil spill, their story may be the most tragic.  So the turtle seemed fitting to me.

I hung our finished project on our homeschooling room/playroom wall where it’s ready for many days, weeks and possibly months of sharing a beautiful story with my babes.


5 thoughts on “The Sea Stars

  1. Judy Jewell

    I just have to tell you how in love I am with your blog!!! I stumbled across it a week ago and since then have ready every, and I do mean every, post you have written to date.
    I just adore your parenting skills, the simplicity of the way you and your family live, and your talent for knitting!
    Your blog posts and pictures have really had a profound impact on me. I find myself constantly thinking about your way of life and how much I would LOVE to live like that.
    My dream is to someday reside near my family in Vermont, the state of my birthplace, where I can live off the land and teach in the local Waldorf school (I currently teach 2nd grade in CT). Right now, I feel so far away from that dream but I know it will come to me someday.
    Thank you, thank you for sharing your story with me. I will be forever grateful and will continue to read your posts for as long as you are willing to share them.

  2. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Well I’m sure it’s easier for me with only two children, but I have this on my mind a lot lately too. My youngest just turned 6 so this will be our most official kindergarten year.
    Your needle felting is beautiful!

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