the bunny pinafore


Did you even notice all the bunnies on this?  Oh, I love this fabric so much!


Pattern: Simplicity 9207 6 Made Easy (I think this pattern might be out of print)

View: Sundress or Pinafore D

Size: too big!  I shortened a size 2, but kept the width, thinking that Miss Milky Mouth could use the extra room, especially with wearing it over something.  That is how I intended it to be worn and it does look ok that way, but it’s too big to also work as a sundress.  At least for this year.  I’ve noticed that most of the dresses that I make her tend to fit much better approximately a year after I make them.   I think I take the concept of “room to grow” a mite too far.

Fabric: Hushabye by Moda  I have another print from this line slotted for another little summer dress too.

this one

So sweet!



5 thoughts on “the bunny pinafore

  1. Lil

    In the previous post I just noticed how cute she was wearing that dress. Now I have noticed the bunnies, I have can’t find a word strong enough to express the cuteness overload ;o)

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