the necklaces

Hidden among the eggs this year, were some mama-made necklaces for my boys.  When my friends visited, we went shopping, as I mentioned.  First stop was the bead store.  The other mama wanted to make necklaces for her three kids, and I was inspired to do the same, while another decided to design a set for a friend going through a rough patch.  One of these lovely ladies has a lot of knowledge about stones and their various associations and the three of us together helped to choose just the right materials for each piece.

elijah 1

Elijah’s started with a golden feather.  He still states gold as his favorite color above all.  He loves things that glitter and shine.  I felt very drawn to the sunstone beads for him as well.  And the shape of the feather, well, he’s always been my bird boy; gathering feathers and watching the sky.  It put me in mind of this picture and sent me back looking for this one.

It’s more then just his love of birds though, it’s something else as well, something about the nature of who he is, something airy and light and not entirely of this earth.  It’s something that I used to find somewhat alarming when he was little; something of a vague idea that he wasn’t entirely suited to life on earth, and just maybe that meant that I wouldn’t be able to keep him here with me.  I constantly had people asking me if I was sure that he wasn’t one of the fairy folk or a little elfin babe that I stumbled across in the woods!

The rest of the stones were chosen for wellness and balance.


Galen’s is the one that I least happy about, though it turned out perfectly adorable, it’s somehow not as much “him” as I thought it would be.  And while he likes it, he doesn’t love it the way the other boys love theirs.


These are the colors I always associate with him.  The colors of nature, of earth; browns, reds and greens.  For the first 2 years of his life, he lived almost exclusively in the color grown cottons and wools that I shaped into clothing for him, and nothing could have been better suited to him.

I really wanted to use tiger’s eye for him.  I think the little tiger’s eye stars are sweet and the red tiger’s eye (the larger round beads) sets them off nicely.  And of course the turtle is very cute.  When I picked them all out I was very pleased and when I put it together, I liked how it turned out.  By the time I gave it to him I was feeling kind of ambivalent about it, and since he wasn’t overly enthusiastic…  But he’s been wanting to wear it now and it’s growing on me again.


Of all the people we were shopping for, we all agreed that Iain was the hardest to find just the match for.  We were combing the store looking for just the right beads, for ever so long.


Oh, but what we finally found is perfect.  Molli, who has a certain unexplainable, yet undeniably strong connection to Iain, insisted that he needed something dark, heavy, earthy, grounding.  I felt equally strongly that he needed something airy, something to inspire a lightness of heart.  She found the brown beads and while I liked them, something didn’t feel right.  Then I finally came across that stone in the middle, I knew it was exactly the right one and just what we needed.  Later when we were talking over lunch, Heather stopped in the middle of a conversation, looked at me and said, “Your eyes are exactly the color of that stone.”


And later, as I was stringing it, I held it up to see if it was long enough and Molli said, “it’s perfect, it will rest right over his heart.”  And it does.


3 thoughts on “the necklaces

  1. Julia

    Oh Melody they are all lovely. I get so teary eyed reading your blog. I do think Anika and Elijah are kindred spirits–our changlings. We miss you!

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