Of a new day.



Of green and gold…


creeping across the meadow, over the hills, through the woods.




Of buds, stretching out from stems, working to unfurl.


Of a new season full of simple pleasures.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. maria mccune

    For the first time in months I have the complete day off and have been on the web, decided to see what was new with you and the family! That first photo is beautiful, and it reminds me of the view we’ll have if we ever get our house sold. Check in this weekend on my site, I will have some fantastic wisteria photos from around the area. We are way ahead of you guys, I even have buds on my roses, and the pollen count is so high I can’t breathe. My kitchen counters were yellow this morning, but I refuse to close my windows.
    See you soon!

  2. cecilia

    the first captured moment is heavenly! wow, you live in an amazingly beautiful place. i am jealous of everyone who is really having spring now… it is still snowing here, soon tho, soon. happy spring to you all tho!!

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