So Good.

not'Our all too brief visit is over.  I’m sad that they couldn’t stay longer, but I have to say, it was good.  It was real good.  Lots of late night talking, a girls only (Little Rosebud too!) all day shopping excursion, several pots of tea, lots of laughing, a little crying, stops in at both the yarn store and the bead store, a coupalla trays of brownies, a collaborative craft project, and I got a new shirt (they made me).  And in just three weeks, I get to head on out their way.

Old friends are the best.


3 thoughts on “So Good.

  1. Suzanne

    Dear Melody

    Thank you for popping in to visit just now. I just love it when I am sitting at the computer and a comment comes in just at that time. Your little rosebud looks ever so cute and I am sure the rose mobile would make a lovely gift for her. My next one I make , I would like to add felt roses in soft pinks . Add a few hanging amongst the ribbon too. I have a little Olivia..She is seven but still my little baby. I find myself collecting treasures for her all the time and storing for eventual Birthdays. Pretty names call for pretty treasures.

    Have a wonderful day Melody
    Warm regards

  2. Lise

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I think your little one would look great in pigtails! I got an eye roll, too, when I suggested it, but I don’t care, I thought it was adorable! :-)

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