Leggings and a Pinafore

this one side

A couple of weeks back Little Rosebud was in need of clothes, so I bought a bunch of used woolens on-line.  I asked all of my usual questions about what they had been washed in and everything seemed to check out.  Only then they came, and it turns out that they were made from re-purposed sweaters that absolutely reeked, and I do mean reeked, of perfume.

*insert big, deep, sigh here*

I’ve tried everything I can think of to no avail.  Which means I’m out $80 and my baby is still cold.  Which leaves me feeling rather disgruntled, not necessarily at the lady who sold me the clothes, I know people don’t tend to think of these things, but just at the way the world works in general.

this one eating

Necessity being the mother of invention and all that business, plus me being in a somewhat surly, it’s-just-easier-to-do-everything-myself kind of mood (said on-line purchase was meant to save me from feeling like I had to do it all.  so much for that), I pulled out an old sweater of mine that I had been contemplating cutting up for a bit now.  It’s fairly felted, so nice and thick.  Just the ticket.

Plus, I had been sick.  Just a little cold mind you.  But I have this weird quirk of wanting to sew when I’m coming off an illness.  Oh, but it absolutely must be something quick and easy, a one sitting type of sewing project.  Something that’s not the least bit fussy, for a bit of instant gratification to get me back on my feet.

this one flower

So, I cut up the sweater and whipped this set up, just on a whim.  Then I got a bit buttonish with it.  A certain husband of mine, who shall remain nameless, was heard to ask, “What’s with the clump of buttons?”  Shesh.  I mean it’s clearly a flower….right?  (right?!?)  To be fair, I hadn’t embroidered the stem yet when he asked…but still.  harumph.

kitchen one

I’m heading into the depths of Steve’s closet this weekend to see if I can drum up some more supplies.  I know somewhere in there he’s got stacks of sweaters that he never wears and I’m thinking it’s high time that I relieve him of that burden.  Old sweaters that don’t smell of mothballs or perfume are so hard to come by, don’t you think?  Ah, well.  You’ll be happy to know that if nothing else, the site of this little cutie pie in her new woolies put me in a much better mood.


7 thoughts on “Leggings and a Pinafore

  1. Kate

    I have some sweaters you could have. Could you tell me what they need to be free of and I will see if these will work for you and if not you could send them back to me on my dime. Here is my email Rtommikat@aol.com. Let me know. Kate

  2. Gillian

    Hello! I just found your blog and think it is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your life online. You are inspiring, and I love the button flower! I also accidentally ordered a tremendous amount of perfume-y/fabric softener-smelling clothing online a month ago and had a tough time removing the smell. I tried airing the clothes on a clothes line in bright sunlight for a few days, dousing them with a large amount of baking soda and bagging them for a few days, and then soaking them overnight in a vinegar-water solution. It didn’t completely remove the smell, but it helped a lot. Good luck!

  3. Julia

    Hey stranger!
    The bangs are cute, and the outfit is adorable! I have boxes, literally, of sweaters waiting to be repurposed. They may be dusty, but since there lot in life is to become something fabulous we can always toss them in the machine again. Just let me know and we’ll make it so.

  4. Melanie

    Love love love the outfit! Such a disappointment on the ones you bought! And yes, clearly a flower!
    I absolutely love sewing with felted sweaters~!

  5. Jenn

    Love it!!!
    She looks adorable!
    Send me your snail mail addy and I will send you a box for rosebud. Let me know what size(s) have 12 months on up since Harmony went from 12 months to 3t/4t in the past year(she’s 3′ tall already at 2).

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