Doing my best Degas in honor of a trip to the art museum.  Why, yes, I do know enough about Degas and his models to know that I don’t really want to be one.  But in make believe it’s perfectly lovely.

Sadly, Galen is still in possession of my camera, so all of these photos are quite poor in quality.

He had no idea I was taking this picture.

I love this one.  It isn’t a Carl Holsoe, but it reminds me of a Carl Holsoe, only a bit more ethereal.

Imagine showing up at the same place with the same hairstyle and similar dresses….how embarrassing!

The man reminds me of Galen.

It took all of my self control not to reach out and rub the fabric of the skirt between my fingers.

Self-portrait by Degas

Those folds and gathers!  Just divinely amazing.

The Impressionist Wing was my favorite.  I took pictures in the gift shop of all of the books that I wish to order from the library.

Treat for the ride home.


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