Frumpy Friday? This is actually a photo from yesterday.  I’ve been reading so many Susan Branch books that are set in the ’80′s and it’s put me in a Laura Ashley frame of mind that is coming out in funny and interesting ways!

 I added a hat.  Maybe next time I’ll bother to clean the mirror.

I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe, sort of as a way of thinking about my life.  Self expression, self representation, sense of self, self respect even, self care for certain.  Everything in flux…shifting life, shifting body shape, shifting needs, shifting priorities.  Trying to find that comfortable spot that feels true.

I want to make things again.  I was to make more of what I wear with my own hands.  In order to make more I need to know more.  What do I really need?  What do I really want?  I’ve been thinking about doing Me Made May this year.  Even the thought has been inspiring me to look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes, to pull things out from the back and try new combinations.  I had thought there wasn’t much left in my wardrobe that I had made.  There was a time when I made almost everything that I wore.  There is actually more there than I thought.

Above is my Deschain sweater over a thrifted, hand-made, vintage dress, paired with my Blackberry Beret, complete with decorative mends.

Today’s low-key St. Patrick’s Day look:

Here I paired my Cleo Skirt with a ready to wear top and my No Frills Cardigan.

We’re off to an Irish dance show followed by a bowling after party.

My knitting under black lights!


2 thoughts on “3/17/2023

  1. Melody Post author

    Thank you! I don’t wear it enough, even though I like it, so I’m trying to shift that.

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