Here am I, trying to regroup.  I have 7 unfinished posts.  The external hard drive where I store my photos up and died.  It was backed up until August, thank goodness, but the last six months are now gone.  Poof!  I spent a week and a half in denial, while Steve attempted everything he could think of to try to fix it.  We haven’t decided if we are going to take it somewhere to try to salvage the contents because it turns out that’s quite expensive.  I keep telling myself that it’s only 6 months worth.  It could have been so much worse.  But it still stings.  I really wish that I had finished up my Advent videos.  At least I would have had Christmas.

Anyhow, I had photos that I wanted to include in posts and then the photos were gone and it kind of threw me.  I do still have some things that were on my phone or pulled aside for other reasons, so I’ll just piece it together as best as I can.

The last several weeks have been intense.  Health issues- I couldn’t speak at all for a while again.  I can now, but my throat hurts a lot and I start coughing if I overdo.  My fatigue has been over-whelming.  Chronic and not-so-chronic issues have been cropping up for others as well.

We’ve had appointments.  So, so many appointments.

And weather.  We got nearly 3′ of snow earlier this week.  Thankfully we only lost power for a day, and not even a full day at that.  The town has declared a state of emergency and two days after the fact, there is still over a foot of snow on our road.


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