When your morning smoothie matches your current project.

For years I had a regular yoga practice.  It’s something that I miss, but since getting older and doing more damage to my body, I’ve been afraid to return.  The couple of times that I tried I hurt myself almost immediately.  I finally thought to search for yoga routines for people with EDS (my connective tissue disorder).  I was so excited to finally find one!  I thought it would feel like coming home.  Honestly, it was mostly just painful and intense.  I thought one of the poses was downright insane for a class of people who are likely to dislocate the bones in their feet.  I substituted something safer.  Nothing about it felt particularly good or right.  I tried a second one which was supposed to be more low-key and it bored me to tears.  I gave up half-way through.  It was just so solidly bleh.  I did find a pilates routine for EDS and that one was quite promising.  It was short- back in the day I used to do 45 minutes to an hour of either pilates or yoga most days- but it sat well with both my body and mind.  Perhaps it’s something I can build on.

Seraphina wants to learn how to cook.  I talked her through the making of tilapia chowder while I put another coat of paint on the drawers.


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