Saturday mornings are starting to have their own routine: Help Elijah with his make-up before he takes a long morning drive to whatever photo shoot he has that day.  Fix Seraphina breakfast.  Gather up the library books while she’s eating.  Do her hair for Irish dance.  Get her out the door.  Morning workout, generally while listening to an audio book.  Settle in, preferably with a cup of tea and some classical music in the background, generally with Meadow nestled in my arms making it hard to type (see photo in previous post), with posts here; transcribing from the journal and the little notes that I’ve left myself, sometimes adding photos here and there.  This is how it should go, but often I lose large portions of the morning accidentally getting lost in other realms of the World Wide Web.  Today it was mostly looking at pictures of people that I knew as children.  They were children with my children.  Who, as it turns out, are now shockingly grown up, married (to each other!) and expecting a child of their own.  Goodness.  And now that I’m typing it out, I feel like life has made me into some kind of weirdo who is internet stalking their children’s old friends.  Right.  Moving on.  (though still a little teary eyed)

As a public service I also ate the rest of the Valentine’s Day chocolate.  It seemed important to get it cleaned up and out of the way.

**This post should have been accompanied by photos of Elijah in make-up and a suit.  I was simultaneously photographing him and scolding him for playing with my roses and putting them between his teeth.**



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