Mairi is loudly listening to Adele this morning.  Ours is a world of floating flurries and wild wind and it all fits my mood today.



I remembered that I texted my sisters pictures of the salon, so I saved the photos from that thread!  Not the best quality, but it’s something.

They had a can of Aqua Net signed by Debbie Harry, which I found endlessly amusing…

I had Heart of Glass stuck in my head all day!

Before and After.  I think I like the before picture better because I’m making a funny face in the after, but oh, well!  Also, it actually looks better than this.  It wasn’t quite dry yet here and I was rushing out the door, so didn’t have time to style it properly.

This is how I actually left the salon:

I will never understand why every single stylist attempts to make me look like I belong in an ’80′s hair band! This has nothing to do with the inspiration photos I brought, nor anything I said. I don’t get it. WHY?!? Every. single. time.


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