I found a new dresser for Seraphina (actually both girls will use it for a while yet, but eventually it will be her’s) for free.  Steve and Galen went to pick it up today.  I’m thrilled!!!!  Iain and Elijah are absolutely horrified and disgusted that I would consider painting it (and pink at that!), but it’s what she wants.  And also it would really be quite dark in that room.  The finish is pretty beat up in sections, even to the point of splintering raw wood.  But on the whole it’s solid and most importantly….drum roll please….the drawers open and close easily!  The fatal flaws of their current dresser are a) it’s too small for their ever larger clothing, and b) the freakin’ drawers will not stay on their tracks!  It’s endlessly frustrating for me and downright impossible for a small human to handle and maintain.  If I could refinish it and stain it a lighter color, I absolutely would, but I don’t think that will be possible.


2 thoughts on “12/12/2023

  1. Melody Post author

    Iain was home from school twice this week and gave me a hard time both times! lol He even (jokingly) tried to hide the my paint brushes on me.

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